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A Brighter Future Through Technology

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Windows 7 to Windows 10 Upgrade Guide

Need help upgrading to Windows 10? Check out our guide below.


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Brilliant Geeks is a reliable technology consulting company serving clients in the Greater Boston area of Massachusetts.


illinois & wisconsin

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In 2017 we expanded services to clients in Lake County & McHenry County Illinois,  Walworth & Kenosha County in Wisconsin. 
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It's Time For Action

We provide prompt & knowledgeable service to business owners & everyday users.

Our goal is to provide superior service to help users improve their quality of life.

In today’s world, almost everything we do requires a working computer. Brilliant Geeks is a reliable technology consulting company serving clients in the Greater Boston area of Massachusetts.

As of 2017 we are also servicing clients in Northern Illinois, mainly those in Lake County & McHenry County, as well as Kenosha County in Wisconsin.

We're Responsive

We understand that technology downtime could subject your business to loss of revenue. That’s why at Brilliant Geeks, we come to you, solve your technology needs quickly and efficiently.

Tech support services provided by big retail stores charge separately for every issue that they fix, the employees are also pressured to sell you products you don’t need.

Our services are provided on an hourly rate and we answer any questions you might have while we work. Our goal is to build a trusting relationship with our clients. We treat clients the same way we want to be treated.


We provide support for many products that involve technology. Computers are only a piece of the puzzle.

We can troubleshoot your iPhones, iPads and anything with a screen. Need a simple website designed? We can help with that as well! Want to learn how to use your new (or old) gadgets? No Problem! We got you covered!

Are there things that we can’t help you with? Yes, of course. We do not repair printers if they have broken parts. We also do not replace cracked or broken screens for mobile devices.

For Boston screen repairs and if you prefer dropping off your device or computer try TechRescue in Newton MA.

What are you waiting for? Don’t want to call or text us? That’s ok, we understand. You can always email us as well.

Use the Service Request form to reach out to us regarding our support services.
You can also call or text us at the numbers below.
815.900.2240 – Illinois / Wisconsin 
617.202.3545 – Massachusetts 

Please note:
Due to time  and resource restraints we are currently mainly available for remote support.
We always try to
accommodate everyone, but will be prioritizing requests on a first come first serve basis.